Brother & Sister Smoked Beef (Suho Meso)

Brother & Sister Smoked Beef (Suho Meso)

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If you have never tried Smoked Beef (Suho Meso), a staple of traditional Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian cuisine, you are in for a treat! Smoked Beef is made from the finest quality meat: cured, dried and hickory smoked with specially selected spices. Beautiful wine-red in color, Smoked Beef has a deep aromatic flavor reminiscent of beef jerky. While our Smoked Beef is dry, the texture is anything but! Suho Meso is tender and delicious – and classically enjoyed in thin slices. Our smoked beef is a delectable in a sandwich with cheese and your favorite condiments. It will also take an everyday grilled cheese sandwich to new levels. Wonderful for entertaining on charcuterie or meze platters, Smoked Beef pairs beautifully with cheeses, olives and pickles. Pan sear and serve with eggs. Or use it in a soup or stew to impart succulent smoky beef flavor. One taste of Sabah Smoked Beef and it may become a new pantry favorite.


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