Grill Cheese 250g

Grill cheese is a very tasty cheese that can be fried and used in meals and pastries.
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Muratbey grill cheese has a low sodium content, can be used in almost every dish and has a delightful flavor since it doesn’t melt quickly when fried — we recommend trying the cheese grated in your pasta together with mint. You can use Muratbey grill cheese in many things from your meat dishes to breakfast. For example, you can cut it into small cubes, fry it, or grate and add it into your meatballs. Or you can have it in lavash bread, prepare practical and delicious pastries with it in the oven. For breakfasts and banquets, cut it in thin slices, fry it on a pan oil free after dipping it in warm water for 10 minutes. Serve hot. Does not contain any GMO or Gluten.


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